Publish a mod map based on a seed from mega random

Hello Age of Empires fans :slight_smile:

Mega Random sometimes creates very cool maps that I like to play multiple times.

With the map seed you can generate the same map again. A great feature. Many thanks to the developers at this point :slight_smile:

You can share the seed with other players over the internet so that they can play the same map.

I think it would be a very cool feature if you could create a map mod in-game using the seed, where you only have to enter the title and a description. No modding knowledge would be necessary for this.

This way even players you don’t know or don’t look on a certain website for seeds could benefit from the cool maps by downloading the map mods in game.

This would create a lot of exciting map mods. This new content would surely please many players.

What do you think about my idea?

Best regards

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