Punish bug abusers

If you don’t intend to modify the bug immediately, please ban those who deliberately abused it.

A week is too long.

Are you talking about infinite resources from abuse of wall bug, or that relics thing?

Depends on the definition of a ‘ban’. If you’re talking about a permanent restriction to multiplayer for a specific account-copy of the game, in a premium-priced title… Maybe, but after 3rd report and with a clear msg send to a player describing what’s he’s doing wrong and what are the consequences etc.
Or even after a second time, but with like 7day temporary ban in between to cool down and rethink things.

I’m sure there will be a handful of players doing that for the first time, ‘discovering’ bug without knowledge how widespread it is. Not to mention people getting these outcomes by a mistake.
People love to abuse glitches and gain advantage because of system errors, dev mistakes etc. Nothing new. Certainly there is a limit. AoE are not online service games where people can lose characters or items with real-life value, but still it’s obvious some people know what are they doing perfectly well and won’t stop without some punishment.

Critical bugs should be fixed almost overnight, considering how ‘fresh’ IV still is and how they can spoil the fun for people that paid full price.

If the devs have the time to implement such a system, they could also just fix the exploit :smiley: