PUP - Abbasid buildings area of influence when under construction

Abbasid buildings no longer show their area of influence (for the HoW golden ages) when they are under construction. This affects planning as you can’t easily tell how your newly place foundations will connect to existing buildings.

The area of influence is showing properly for buildings under construction in pre-PUP.


This is because they made it where building blueprints no longer spread influence (was relevant for Abbassid and HRE).

I assumed as much. I agree with the intention of the change but not its implementation.

There should be a visual aid to tell how the influence is going to connect to other buildings once the current construction is finished.

Either make it a different color or simply keep everything the way it was pre-PUP, except that building foundations/incomplete buildings don’t spread influence anymore.


Heard. I’ll make sure the rest of the team sees this feedback—thanks!