AI Bugs:
!!!The bug when the AI builds a lot of villagers applies to all factions of the AI!!!

The AI of English on minute 6 has no troops and builds only villagers.

It seems to me that the AI English should build English archers as quickly as possible to kill the enemy :slight_smile:

It’s 15 minutes into the game and the AI has never attacked. There are a lot of villagers again.

We need to make the AI have villagers that the AI’s economy was stable and he could attack.
There needs to be a balance between the number of villagers and the army.

AI still skips sheep :frowning:
Even when the AI took the sheep he walks with them all over the map :frowning: ( 15 minutes into the game and
50 minutes into the game)

The AI builds a lot of villagers and very few troops :frowning:

I have seen this problem with all the AI. Here are 2 topics describing this problem.

Thank you for reporting @VisionedTuba52! The team is looking into this!

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