[PUP] Bug report

For the devs, here are the bugs i found during PUP so far:

  1. Chinese market not generating taxes correctly when traders return to it.
  2. If the HRE player is alive, when his Regnitz Cathedral get destoryed, relics eject correctly. But when the player is no longer in the match (which means the Cathedral landmark is ownerless), relics won’t eject correctly, instead they stuck in the landmark and can’t be retrived by any means. In FFA, this just make 3 relics disappear permentaly. This bug existed long ago, but i feel this is a right time to reflect.
  3. Chinese astronomical clocktower not gaining production speed buff from ‘military academy’ tech in blacksmith. Don’t know if this was intended but the effect is not aligned with the description. The production speed of clocktower is too slow btw.
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Huh? Markets don’t generate taxes when traders return though.

It should only generate taxes when creating a trader.

Thank you @asdqews! We’ll check into these.