A few issues noticed after testing PUP for a few hours…

Issue 1: We can now “…bulk tribute to other players…Shift key… to send X5 resources, Control key to send X10 resources”, however you CANNOT BULK BUY/SELL at the market!! Still have to click 50 times to sell my 5000 food surplus!!

Issue 2: Still no unit stats whatsoever in the tech tree!! I understand if adding stats for units in-game when hovering within production buildings is too cluttered (although this would be nice), but at least add them into the tech tree!! If you want to look at unit stats you literally have to go in game, turn cheats on, type in cheat codes and produce the unit you are interested in. What if you are interested in multiple units across multiple civs? Well then you have to make multiple custom games!!!

Issue 3: Still no way to hide this monstrosity?? Great for new players, but just taking up real estate for seasoned players. How about “minimally minimal” setting so they only pop up when one of the objectives change?

Issue 4 (nit pick): Why is armor above damage? Yes this is my OCD kicking in but in the same way that health is placed on the top, the next row should be damage, placed next to health.

Hopefully these issues get noted down at least by someone at Relic.

Please add your own thoughts/issues


I don’t think anyone would ever argue against point 2 and 3, it is weird that this hasn’t been dealt with yet.

Oh no, armor definitely makes more sense by health. How long a unit can survive is a function of health and armor.

Totally agree on the other UI things needing work. Especially the terrible tech tree.

Just hold down the hotkeys in the market to sell or buy faster then ever

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Oh my god #3! Please for all that is holy, remove that thing already!


Even this online tech tree for aoe2 is better

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Good point, I never knew that

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Makes sense. That project is maintained by a team of developers and has been worked on for at least four years, if not longer (the public Github history goes back to mid 2018).

I also hope the developers of IV keep investing in updates to IV as well - including the tech tree. But you’re comparing apples and oranges here.

aoe4’s tech tree was technically also developed for at least 3 years (first 2 years would very much be engine prep), so no excuses when basic stats are absent from it, btw does aoe4.world have a version of this?


I wasn’t talking about excuses. I was talking about the difference between a dedicated fan project that’s been developed for years vs. one aspect of an entire video game.

(I also wanted to highlight the effort that went into the fan project as the post I’m replying to I think undersells it a bit)

If you think the tech tree visualisation in Age IV should’ve received similar resources to the fan project, you’re welcome to that opinion. I don’t agree, but that’s neither here nor there.

Hopefully we both agree on the tech tree visualisation in Age IV getting more attention!

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my point is, you can see most, just not all, stats with aoe2 tech tree, with 3, you get everything, and here, you’re often guessing what impact something has
but back to the topic, tribute window needs fixing yesterday, also minimap zoom doesn’t increase the icon size, which kinda defeats the point of the settings, both should be fixable, alongside the rest of what op lists, in the month till the update drops


I don’t know what can be fixed and what can’t be. I guess it depends on what are considered enhancements vs. bugfixes.

I’d expect more internal pressure on bugfixes, and I know some have already been raised r.e. the PUP. What I’m trying to say is I’d be happily surprised by more UI updates by the release of S4, but I’m personally expecting the resource to go elsewhere.

Yeah it is basically the AoE2 tech tree but with even more info.

To be fair the AoE2 tech tree is also missing important information such as bonus damage values (that isn’t present anywhere in the game, at least we get that in the unit cards).

There is an AoE2 mod though that puts that information in the tech tree. Currently we do not have the capability for such a mod.

The overall layout though of the AoE4 tech tree is just much worse. It is like they changed the orientation just for the sake of changing it. There is way less info on the screen at any one time and more click and scrolls are needed to get to whatever you are looking for with all the drop down menus.

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can you link please?

It is called “Improved Tech Tree UI Mod”. I pair that with the “Improved Extended Tooltips” mod.

Then you get all the information in the tech tree and in game.