PUP > Graphics > HDR off > Doesn't look good

With HDR off the game has a very low white point. Before the PUP the image was brighter. There also seems to be a white balance issue. All the colors have a yellow tint. Tweaking the brightness setting doesn’t help.

If I “adjust brightness” above 50% the image looks low contrast and washed out.
If I “adjust brightness” below 50% the image becomes muddy with too much contrast and shadows get crushed.

Even though I don’t have an HDR monitor I turned that setting on just to see. With the slider all the way up, whites get blown out. With the slider all the way down the highlights look better but the shadows are crushed.

In general, HDR tends to not look great on a non-HDR display. That said, I’ll keep this thread open in case people want to weigh in on HDR!

Thanks @Joshsquash8054!