[PUP] Incorrect Latam Spanish Translation: War Cog translated should NOT BE “Engranaje de Guerra” but “Coca de Guerra”

War cog translated should not be “Engranaje de Guerra”, but “Coca de Guerra”

Hi there, I started to think what was still to be tested in this new preview, so I started to review a list, and I discovered that there is still no topic about the new French unit, “War Cog”, and about the utility of its cost reduction in food and bonus armor. So I tried to play a water map to see what it was like, as well as take advantage to try the new map “migration”, which is a good map, but I find myself with a terrible surprise:


What does that sound like for the spanish speaking players? Sound as “Gear of war”, to a gear in the middle of the sea. This translation is wrong, because Cog can only be translated as gear if it is used as a diminutive of Cogwheel, but its use in this game is that of a type of ship, whose official Spanish translation is “Coca”. For this reason, the correct thing is that the ship is called “Coca de guerra”, Coca in short.


The correct unit name should be “Coca de guerra”, not “Engranaje de Guerra”.

On the other hand, when one opens the tech tree, one can see that the name they have given it in the “Unique Units” list the “War Cog” as “Barcasa de Guerra”, which is not even Gear anymore, but “Barcasa”. It would be fine as “Barcasa de guerra” if we would describe a commercial ship used for war, but in this case we are talking about a specific type of medieval ship, which in this case is “Coca”, so it still needed the change its name to “Coca de Guerra”.

Finally, I also found that the unit called “Galeass”, appears translated as “Galeaza” in the area where the unique units are summarized. Although it is not an incorrect translation, the one used in the base game is still Galeass to recognize the name of the ship in French. I post this image so you can see the difference.

Well, I’m glad I contributed to the game updates in the PUP, take care.

Thanks @GoldenArmorX! We always appreciate native speakers helping us improve our translations. I’ll get this over to the localization team. Much appreciated!