PUP June launched

I just checked Beta section and PUP June has been launched. Probably the new patch will launch withing 36 hours. Fingers crossed.

Any thoughts? I am going to launch the PUP within minutes and I will be posting my findings here!


I dont expect the patch in the weekend.
Also isnt the PUP for testing, 36h for player testing + fixing those issues seems pretty fast and unlikely to me…

But great if you can keep us updated about the changes!

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is it just me or are there no changes in the tech tree and civ bonusses?

yeah last update it took around 2-3 weeks i think. There was quite a lot of time between the first outrange over the inca vill nerf and when the update finally launched

Also RB Wololo 4 is soon and i dont think they will do an update right before a tourney. It will prob contain the EW ranked ladder and therefore launch right after RBW4 i think

Oh no, you misunderstood me. This PUP for testing throughout June but the June patch is built upon May PUP!

Every 3 months only! One easy trick is to check the date modified of the dataset file!

The PUP has been present long time age and only contains the EW ranked mode and some bugfixes, no balance changes.

Balance changes could come with Dawn of the Dukes.

Thanks for clarifying. I think the next patch will be released within a week.