PUP Lakota

Some analysis of the Lakota changes.
First of all, thank you devs for implementing some of the reasonable suggestions that were presented on the forum. This is how you make great games, by involving the community. Even if AOE3DE may or may not live for much longer, remember this in your next great game: listen to the community and don’t be afraid to try out some of their ideas.

Now, onto lakota changes I like

I liked that tribal marketplace is now free. This is a good change.
I am also in favor of teepees no longer stacking and giving various bonuses, including to eco. This makes the civ feel more like a coherent settlement rather than having tents near the battlefield.
I also liked that they start with wood now, and that there’s the card that allows moving builds (I can see it useful for treaty not supremacy though).

The changes I’m not so sure about

Captured mortar + siege dance changes. I feel the mortar card in age4 is mandatory, 8 pop slots are way too many for a civ that generally lacks siege.

The removal of villager cards in age 2: this is a bit too much. Lakota is essentially a FF civ now. Please reconsider adding a 4 vilager card in age2. (in hindsight, are you freeing up the slot of aggressive age2 civ for something new? hmmm)

Age 3 is a bit too crowded now. Maybe move adoptions to age 2 if you don’t want to add villager cards?