[PUP] Malian Toll Outpost Resource Exploit

Game version: 5.0.23770.0 (current PUP beta)

Summary: By constructing one market very far from a natural market and another market very close to a natural market, Toll Outposts can repeatedly collect resources calculated for the furthest market without the traders ever completing a trip to the furthest market. This provides thousands of gold (+food, with the landmark) per minute on “gigantic” maps using 5-10 traders. It requires constant attention and a specific set of actions to continuously exploit.

Video Example (unlisted): AoE4 Malian Toll Outpost Exploit - YouTube

Steps to reproduce:

  1. As Malians, play on a map that has a simple market layout to test this. I used French Pass. A bigger map means more income.

  2. Build a market in one of the far corners, where you don’t intend your traders to ever actually walk to. As far away as possible to maximize gold calculation.

  3. Build another market nearby to a natural market that you intend to trade with.

  4. Build a Toll Outpost roughly between the newly built market and the natural market.

  5. Build some traders near the market that has the Toll Outpost.

  6. Assign the trader’s home market to the nearby market you built and and perform 1 regular collection+drop off with the nearby natural market. This will yield virtually no resources, but there does appear to be some kind of check for whether the Toll Outpost should collect (to maybe prevent it collecting twice?). Performing 1 full dropoff round-trip at the nearby built market will “reset” the traders to ensure the exploit will work immediately.

  7. Instruct the traders to collect from the nearby natural market and while they are walking to the natural market, set their home market to be the far-away market you built. On big maps, this should result in the traders collecting hundreds (400+ on gigantic sized French Pass) of gold.

  8. As soon as the traders pick up gold out of the natural market, the nearby Toll Outpost should trigger a collection of 10% of the gold calculated using the far-away market gold values (40+ gold and 20+ food for each trader if the associated feudal landmark is built).

  9. Set all of the traders home market to your nearby built market and perform a minimal-resource drop off. This resets all associated Toll Outpost collection restrictions.

  10. Repeat from step 7 to continuously gather too many resources.


Thank you for reporting @DiffuseOsprey28! The team is aware and looking into this one. Appreciate it!