PUP_May_June Testing Single player, campaigns and vs AI

Here’s some screenshots from testing with the new PUP.

In general the AI seemed less aggressive while playing on extreme, much easier to play against than the current build. Played a campaign mission and no more crazy micro of individual ships and archers against bombard cannon shots. No longer an impossible challenge which is an improvement.

Pathing is improved, fewer units stuck and stuttering while luring boar. (sometimes villagers would stop while luring the boar and be killed when forgetting queued commands in the current build), did not occur in the 4 games played single player with the PUP.

I did find the following weird errors.

(The image has an AI blacksmith base, which was constructed very far from the original TC, this was a common trend with the PUP AI building a very spread out base more so than the current build, seems like a worse change)

(A ship got stuck in the dock, this has happened on other builds when surrounding production buildings. The patrol pathing where ships would move through land and become stuck did not occur, so an improvement for sure!)

Will do more testing of PUP but feel free to share anyone else’s experiences.

It would be better to report those things in the PUP steam forum (you need to log in).


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Thank you, I’ll do that!