[PUP] Megarandom

The patch notes said I should send my “best” Megarandom generations. Well, here’s the first one:


Was very late on the screenshot, but my opponent (luckily an AI) spawed on that tiny island on the left - no land connection whatsoever.
I know Megarandom is supposed to be wacky and random, but that got a bit out of hand.

Here is the seed:


Wow, very interesting. That island is like England, mostly unbeatable.

Haha. That’s an awesomely weird, but certainly not balanced map spawn

Megarandom looks very good. I would like a game mode on which the game conditions are always different. For example one time every player starts with an additional keep, once everybody has 20 villagers right at the start and other possibilities. So that no game will be like the other. Like this you have do adapt your strategy very quickly.