[PUP] Mongol - Keshik upgrade "Steppe Lancers (Improved)" not working on attack speed

For Mongols, after upgrading “Steppe Lancers (Improved)”, it does not seem to actually change the attack speed of Keshiks to be better than the “Steppe Lancers” upgrade.

The “Steppe Lancers” upgrade increases attack speed by 10%, while “Steppe Lancers (Improved)” should increase it to 15%.

I used a millisecond stopwatch to measure the actual attack speed and how the upgrades affect Keshiks.
Note: Generally melee attack speeds are 0.125 seconds slower than what the game says. For example, if a unit has tooltip attack speed of 1.5s , it’s actual attack speed is 1.625s.

Hopefully you guys can fix this soon to have the upgrade work as intended.

Attack Speed Measurements with Millisecond Stopwatch

  • Keshik (Not upgraded)
    • Tooltip: 1.38s
    • Actual: 1.5s (Expected)
  • Keshik with Steppe Lancers Upgrade (+10% attack speed)
    • Tooltip: 1.25s
    • Actual: 1.375s (Expected)
  • Keshik with Steppe Lancers (Improved) Upgrade (+15% attack speed total)
    • Tooltip: 1.20s
    • Actual: 1.375s (Unexpected!)
    • Expected: 1.325s

Build: 7.0.5741.0

Thanks @CrackingMusic84! I’ll get this to the balance team to check into.