[PUP] Old AI bugs made a comeback

I like the changes made to the AI so far.They have better army management, harass more,does not always attack from the front but it seems like old bugs plaguing this game from day 1 have returned.

1- The running out of battle issue is day 1 level horrible.Most of the time they have either more numbers than me or have more quality units which should wipe me of from the map but they won’t.Instead they run away and give me free wins.What is the point of investing in AI if they won’t fight ?

2- Reluctance of making siege equipment and suiciding against keeps and walls behaviour has made a comeback. Again the siege behavior took a huge backstep.AI produces trebs and bombards at 35th minute.AI occasionally produced mangonels in previous patches now it won’t attempt at all and suicide its army towards opponent.In previous patches when AI faced with mangonels it produced maybe a bit too much springalds and but that behaviour is totally gone too!

3- Mongol AI idling : Depending on the build order,villagers stand idle for 5 secs when they were given a new task or running like headless chickens from task to task.Sending 4 horseman for 15 minutes behaviour is still there.Sometimes they sit still gathering a large army which won’t attack at even 20th minute.Also eco wise compared to other civs in previous payches, their production is way much lower.

All of these issues happen in team games vs Ai Hardest difficulty and above.


Thank you for reporting these issues @MilleSilences! I’ll have the AI team take a look. Much appreciated!