PUP - Right-click-and-drag formations no longer working

As the title states, right-clicking and dragging to form up units is not working. This is specially troublesome when you have CTRL+grouped units that scattered around and you want to bring them together again, or when you want spearmen to face the enemy, as a couple of examples.

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I tried to recreate this and it is working fine for me.

Played a couple of matches as the English and didn’t work. Let me try some more and I’ll report back.

EDIT: Ok, I see what’s happening. You have to hold right-click for a considerable amount of time (more than before) for it to take hold and activate the formation action.

Pre-PUP you could almost in one swift movement right-click and drag, no wait required. Now you need to keep holding right-click for a second or two before you can drag.

I strongly dislike this change, not sure what’s the intention behind it. I never “accidentally” formed up my units before because the right-click had no delay.


I can recreate the bug and also the change in the PUP. Very important that the UX is the same as the pre-PUP version (quick right-click and drag motion). Especially when telling mangonel to point and unpack.

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Ohh I think I know why then.

So before there was an issue where people would click and then move their mouse too quickly and it would register as a drag when they didn’t want it to. This would show up when they issued extra clicks while trying to have villagers build something and instead they would end up forming up on the foundation.

This only affected people who played a certain way with their extra clicking and speed of moving the mouse between clicks.

They fixed that issue in this patch. So I bet this is a side effect of that.


I see. They should’ve added an option to settings to revert to the old, faster way. Some of us already acquired muscle memory and a couple more seconds holding the mouse button means a couple more seconds of attention lost elsewhere.

I have to agree with this sentiment, I’ve been utilizing formations a lot and to change the timer like so without giving us the option of say, having a slider for us to decide is not fixing the issue, but creating another one.

The new way it is set up feels inconsistent (perhaps because I’m not used to it).

I’m gonna chalk it up to a bug instead of assuming that this is a design decision, as it is honestly out of left field.

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I just tested and from clicking to dragging it takes 200 msec (.2 sec) for it to register a drag.

I have not tested the live build yet because I don’t want to switch over. I wonder how many milliseconds they increased this by.

It’s in the 1 second range, give or take a couple hundred milliseconds.

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It’s almost exactly 200 msec. I just took a recording and measured it to the millisecond.

It’s definitely not near a full second.

I’m curious how much less than 200 it was before the PUP.

Ah, I thought you were talking about 200ms being pre-PUP. I mean, I believe you that isolating the newly added delay is probably 200ms but it definitely feels way longer than that. I didn’t measure like you did, but the whole movement combo from right-clicking to the formation layout appearing on screen surely is not 200ms. You could do both things in one move before, now you can’t so times add up.

bro they did this because some people who play fast complain about that it was better the old way for me too

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That’s what I measured. There is a little arrow that appears when the drag registers. It is a few milliseconds before the dots for each individual unit appear, but they do go into the correct formation as long as the arrow has appeared.

The time from clicking and that arrow appearing is 200 msec.

I can check how many msec until the individual formation dots appear.

The individual dots for each unit in formation appear about 100 msec after the little arrow. However as I mentioned as long as the little arrow has appeared they do form up.

Thanks for digging it up. These are the things that after more than a year of building muscle memory devs can’t simply change at will. An option should’ve been made available in settings for players who found the old/faster way intrusive or triggering by mistake.

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I am also in the camp that doesn’t like this change. I think a good solution (not sure if possible) is to have a toggle or slider in the settings that adds that delay to this command. This way, certain pro players who are clicking too fast can set or toggle their delay, while most of the playerbase who uses this command the old way will continue using it as such.


Thank you for weighing in, all! This is exactly why we do PUPs. This change was indeed intentional, but all of this feedback is very helpful. I’ll make sure this is given the face time your feedback deserves.

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A slider in options for click to drag time may fix it for everyone.


I went back and recorded again, on the live build this time.

I am only registering about 20 milliseconds from the start of the click animation to the arrow appearing.

What is weird though is my actual click definitely occurred before the animation shows, almost 100 msec before, but it is hard to say exactly since the video has less of a visual reference for that.

So somewhere between 20 and a 100ish msec between click dragging and it registering for a formation.

Definitely a big difference either way from PUP.

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