[PUP] Spamming "Return to work" hotkey can result in invisible villagers

I reproduced this several times against AI, and then once online against a player in a custom lobby. This is a very easy bug to reproduce.

How to:

  1. Select however many villagers.
  2. Press “G” to garrison them.
  3. SPAM your “Return to work” hotkey (‘K’ in my case).

if return to work has been sufficiently spammed before villagers are ejected, your villagers are now invisible!

Tested in Skrimish against AI and then against a player in a custom lobby. so far its 100% reproducible. Player reported he could not see my villagers either.

Villagers appear normal and functional in every way. By all accounts a normal unit, except now lacking any visual model. Also, note that dead invisible villagers are also invisible. They do not return to normal when dead/dying.

Repeating the garrison process in a more typical way, however, DOES restore affected villagers to normal.

Could not reproduce with scouts or military units as they are not affected by the ‘return to work’ key.

Thanks @Leth! I believe a fix is in the works for this one.