PUP Suggestions - Lakota Rework

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First let me say I’m super excited for a lot of the changes for Lakota. I think the free tribal marketplace fixes the biggest issue I had with. The ability to also pick up and move most of their buildings makes it feel very much like a nomadic civilization. Although I am really excited for a lot of these changes I feel like there is one major mechanic missing from the Lakota:

The last stand feeling - Losing the ability to stack buffs from the teepees, the Lakota lose that “Come at me Bro!” feel that I loved so much about them. Like the Battle of Little Bighorn, you needed to bait the enemy to come into your territory and fight you on your lands. I will admit that cavalry with the same health as a fully upgrade outpost and the damage of an upgraded heavy cannon is a little ridiculous.

My recommendation would to have the health buffs stack but with a maximum amount, maybe 5 times or something, that way you are still getting a stacking buffs. With the current teepee changes you also don’t really need your infantry to build them, you only need one teepee. As much as I enjoy seeing a need for teepees at base they don’t have a need for them out on the battlefield.

Allowing the buff stacking would be the one thing I would ask for. These other changes would be nice but not necessary. Allowing battlefield construction to allow infantry to build teepees and then allow nomadic expansion to allow teepees to be packed up and moved. It just seems a little odd that they are one of the buildings in which you can’t pack up. It makes sense for the early game since you have to use resources to spread the gathering rate buff around, but that is why it would be attached to the age 3 card.

Another would be to allow Territorial Claims to give the Cetan Bowmen the burning damage ability like the Longbowman. I did look at the difference and the Cetan does have 2x the siege damage of a Longbow so I can understand why this wouldn’t work. This card just doesn’t seem all that great.

Last I would say that there should be a card that allows 1 Tokala Soldier to come from shipments, similar to Royal Horseman from the Bourbons. This is just so they have a more consistant presence throughout the match rather than a one time thing. But this is just wishful thinking.

TLDR: Thanks for the wonderful work that has been done to this awesome game. Some changes that I would recommend would be:

  1. Return the stacking buffs to the teepees but put a cap on them.
  2. (Not necessary) Battlefield Construction allows infantry to build teepees and Nomadic Expansion to allow them to be packed up and moved.
  3. (Not necessary) Territory Claims to add burning damage to Cetan Bowman siege damage.
  4. (Not necessary) Add a card, new or existing, that allows 1 Tokala Soldier to spawn per shipment.


I’d prefer if they’d just get rid of the health buff entirely. It makes zero sense for a Teepee to boost health. They’re made of leather and sticks so they’re not blocking any damage whatsoever.


i think it represents their moral; fighting for their homes and families
HP is always a bit strange. I’ve never seen someone get shot 6 times and still fight, but somehow a (unarmored) hussar can pull it off against a skirm ;D