[PUP] Tooltip errors

Game version: 6.0.708.0

The English King’s on-hover tooltip (and the “Kingly Precense” buff’s tooltip) don’t specify that the healing aura only works out-of-combat.

The Warrior Monk’s “Saint’s Blessing” buff’s tooltip says it “increases the armor and damage of nearby allied Rus military units”, even when recruited by a Mongol player via the Khaganate Palace.

When garrisoning units within a Delhi house (thanks to Reuinforced Foundations), the detailed on-hover stat card doesn’t combine the garrison arrows into a single section (e.g., 7 Bow x3 (Ranged)), as other garrisoned buildings do.

For the Red Palace, the detailed on-hover stat card doesn’t combine Arbalest weapons into a single section (e.g., 60 Arbalest x3 (Ranged)), as other buildings do. Even when there are additional weapons due to garrisoning units, nothing gets combined.

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Thanks @JoshWise555—there are a few garrison-able buildings that have this issue. The team is aware and working on it. Much appreciated!