[PUP] Trader Gold Count Indicator

Traders have no gold carried in their UI, so you need to wait until it touches market/trade post to know the value. How about added some kind of trade post gold indicator when trader are assigned to a specific trade post based on their home market?


I also want to see gold like before


i agree 100% on this one

I’d even put this in the bug report section.

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i guess cause it’s another mechanic.
if you redirect trader to closer market it will just drop less gold. So, trader just do not have “exact” amount of gold.

at least, it’s how i understand the patch.
lazy too reread notes. if i’m wrong - so be it.

PS but yes, number of current gold can be shown either way.

Don’t normally trade but like to see how much there getting lol

This one should be coming!

I’ll look into the UI issue. Thanks, @soalsaul + all!