[PUP] Units glitching their movement and attack animations

It’s pretty minor, but it does affect gameplay. I’m repeatedly seeing units glitch. Like swordsmen sword flashing in and out of their hands and unit stuttering while trying to make an attack, same with torches they walk up to a building and glitch out for a couple seconds switching between empty hand and torch rapidly, then normal torch throw animation, then possibly more glitching. Great bombard turning to fire on a new target but the hammer on the cannon glitches and rapidly pulls back and resets, as if switching between two models and not knowing what to be while the cannon sits idle not fulfilling the command. The attack is delayed during these ‘seizures’. Also seen it with mangonel trying to set itself up on open terrain with no units near it, but getting stuck trying to reposition itself and just rocking back and forth without setting up. Seen similar issue with villagers overcrowding a target, like 3 villagers trying to chop a tree that only 1 villager can access, the other two rock back and forth essentially stuck. Other times there’s clearly space like with the mangonel, but the units just seem to get stuck on each other. When I let my focus relax off the gameplay, the game is riddled with these small visual and gameplay issues. I’ve just come to accept them I guess but when I take notice it’s really sloppy.

This one is really interesting @Heftydogg—I’ve not personally heard of any additional reports of this (though that doesn’t really mean anything :laughing:). If you are able to capture some video, it would be SUPER helpful in helping us troubleshoot this one. Thanks!