PUP Update, Otto's Military/tech Buildings Discounted

Copy/pasta from reddit, since i dont see no link here.

We’re bringing a new patch (v.24314) to the Age of Empires IV Sept 2022 Public Update Preview (PUP)! This patch includes a few key fixes and adjustments based on observations from the PUP that will carry over into the official release of Season Three.New Feature – Team Ranked Leaderboards!We have ranked leaderboards available for team games as well as 1v1! See how you stack up to other players in the PUP ranked queues!

The PUP’s Ranked Season will end on Sept 26th at 10:00 am PT (1700 UTC) so we can test the rewards delivery system. **Please login on the final day of the PUP to confirm your ranked rewards delivered successfully!**New Cheat!Since the community has really enjoyed this PUP so far, we decided to let loose another Cheat Code!

  • “out with the new” - replaces the AoE4 attack notification alarm with the AoE2 alarm

Leave Your Mark – PUP Survey Open!The official survey for the Age of Empires IV Public Update Preview is open through Wednesday, September 28th at 5:00 pm PT (Sept. 29th @ midnight UTC). Your feedback means a lot to us as it really helps us prioritize and make the best decisions for AOE IV!

Set Sail with the Public Update Preview!Thank you everyone for your participation! Please continue to report bugs and provide feedback here on the Steam PUP forum and in the official survey. Here are the important dates:

  • PUP Ranked Season ENDS – Monday, Sept 26th @ 10:00 am PT (1700 UTC)
  • PUP ENDS – Tuesday, Sept 27th @ 10:00 am PT (1700 UTC)
  • FORUMS CLOSE – Wednesday, Sept 28th @ 10:00 am PT (1700 UTC)
  • Survey Closes – Wednesday, Sept 28th @ 5:00 pm PT (Sept. 29th @ midnight UTC)

Happy gaming!-The Age of Empires Team

Release Notes – Build 24314Below is a list of the major changes to this build from the original PUP Release Notes. Please be aware that this is [NOT a comprehensive list of changes and is subject to further change before the official release of the Season Three Update.Bug Fixes & Balance UpdatesMajor Changes

  • Mega Random now added to the Quick Match Map Pool!
  • Fixed a previously Known Issue where the Match Lobby did not display Team Ranked Badges for players.
  • We’ve introduced mitigations for several networking issues, especially ones that cause disconnects & slowdowns during matchmaking, chatting, and loading. Networking in these scenarios should improve, but we are still working to fix the root cause. We’re continuing to monitor the situation; player reports are welcome.

Gameplay Changes (All Civs)

  • Fixed an issue where arrows fired from Towers, Town Centers and Arrow Ships would not play any audio.
  • Units will now respect their future state when executing queued commands. e.g. monks can be queued to pick up a relic then return it to a monastery.

Naval Rework Changes (All Civs)

  • Springald Ship bonus damage vs Buildings increased from +40 to +45.
  • Naval Ship Deaths are now correctly confirmed for challenges.
  • Fire ships burning visual effects now display when the ship is built while off screen.
  • Naval Traders return 40% less resources from trade routes.

Chinese (CHI)

  • Fire Lancer
    • Ranged armor reduced from 3 to 1.
  • Elite Fire Lancer
    • Ranged armor reduced from 4 to 2.

English (ENG)

  • Vanguard Man at Arms
    • Vanguard Man at Arms health reduced from 110 to 100
    • Vanguard Man at Arms damage reduced from 9 to 8
      • Developer’s Note: These 2 changes are a revert to their old stats, so Season Three will effectively NOT be changing the unit.

Malians (MAL)

  • Fixed a bug where Poison Arrows would stop functioning when upgrading archers at the Farimba Garrison.
  • Fixed a bug where Donso would play looping attack animations while their spear throw was on cooldown.
  • Warrior Scouts Health regeneration reduced from 5 to 1 health per second.
  • Fixed an exploit in the Malian trade tax mechanic.

Ottomans (OTT)

  • Ottoman starting wood increased from 150 to 200.
  • Core military and technology buildings are 33% cheaper.

to add to this, otto’s now have a number of units using the correct language


I just checked and ıt looks AWESOME xD didn’t understand at all its way different then aoe2 or aoe3 but %100 Better :slight_smile: But malis still speak old eng i guess.

personally i didn’t like this.

Any improvements are welcome to ottos . But this dark age pushing maybe little or too intense…Rather then that i would prefer jannizars stats.


No way. Ottomans’ main weakness was their weak early game. Asking for Janissary buffs instead of that is not fixing the core of their problem.[quote=“AttilaTheHUN270, post:3, topic:214422, full:true”]