[PUP] Villagers (who hunted sheep) refuse to attack on command

Playing as Mali and Ottomans,
Any villagers which kill sheep will not attack an enemy unit on command. They will immediately idle.

Through further testing, it appears this only effects the villagers that strike and kill the sheep.
This bug persist even after the villager has moved on to other tasks. If they killed a sheep at any point in the game, they will no longer attack on command. (Through my limited testing)

Other civs have a similar issue, but not quite the same. Often villagers will idle once when told to attack a scout, but will obey on the next click.

Hey @Otturo! Thank you for the report. I’ll take it to the team, just hoping for a couple points of clarification. Are you seeing this any time after the Villager kills a Sheep? So if they kill a Sheep, go do something else like gather some berries, then attack…do they still go idle? Or is it only directly after—like they kill a Sheep, someone attacks and you then order the Villagers to kill?

Are you seeing this when Villagers kill Sheep and then attack as part of a SHIFT+command? Or is it happening when separately tasked to attack?

I tested some more. The bug appears in two different forms:

1: With Ottomans and Mali it effects the Villagers permanently (as far as I can tell).
2: With all other civs that I tested, the Villagers ONLY idle on the FIRST attack command. They will then obey on the second click. (I’ve been seeing this in the live game before the PUP too.)

Yes, anytime after a Villager kills a sheep, they will not attack on command. However, like I said, this appears only for Ottomans and Mali. I haven’t tested long games yet, but so far I don’t see anything that breaks the spell.

They WILL attack buildings on command, but not units.

I’m not using any shift commands when this occurs.

If a large group of Villagers is selected, all will attack except the ones which killed sheep.

I’m surprised if this is not a highly reported bug, because it is very consistent for me. Hope this helps!

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Very helpful—thanks @Otturo! The team will investigate.