Pyrrhus #1 How am I supposed to hold my own against post-Iron Age units in Bronze Age?

What the title says, the enemy has freaking Centurions and I only have lowly hoplites, my allies retire and I have to deal with their entire army, I can barely damage them

Maybe I can spend a lot of time trying to kite the AI to exploit them following my units, but that feels wrong, I don’t see how this is beatable otherwise


Invest in some stone and get Walls + towers + stone throwers (optional).

Boom in peace behind defenses, go for 6-7 TCs. Hit Iron Age, spam military back, unit composition depending on civ.

Don’t forget to always look for backdoors to raid the enemy eco. They can’t have army everywhere, you have to macro in order to take down enemy eco while you boost yours.

This is just general advice for both AoEs I guess.

Edit: I didn’t read the title and thought this was a general question about Bronze vs Iron in a 1v1.

You can’t age up into Iron Age in that scenario not is it possible to raid the enemies eco.
You are a lot weaker then the enemy in this mission and your goal is basically to survive long enough.

Iron Age units are a lot stronger then Bronze Age ones so it’s basically impossible to directly attack that enemy.

The tactic in this mission seems to be to delay the enemy rather then defeat it.


Played it on standard and got a little bit shocked by the suddeness of the plot twist.

I mean, I have no problem with this kind of objective (defending a couple of buildings) but everything looks OK until you defeat the enemy directly across your base and then BANG! your ally is abandoning its base as if Subotai and the Mongols just showed up.

In my opinion there should be at least a struggle before, with the allies at least trying to defend the base. I couldn’t even see the first TC getting leveled. Centurions have an absurdly high attack, especially in a game where buildings have very low HP.

Some of the scenarios end up TOO suddenly. One thing is a quick, well designed level which you can win before the hour mark.

My main critique to the game concerning campaigns is that sometimes things look lazy.

If you are unlucky enough your allies bases can be destroyed before you destroy the stables.

AoE1 buildings only take 1/5 of the damage so they practically have 5x the HP as the game shows. It’s completely stupid.
Also AoE1 TCs have more HP then AoE2 TCs.

It’s just the small issue that Centurions have 30 attack.
They also have 8 armour so you can’t damage them with Bronze Age units.

I don’t know if this is actually possible in normal way, but if you someone manage to defeat teal before your mission target there won’t come any full upgraded horde centurions. I just had some fun using cheat units and killed others before to just find out what will happen with scenario script.

I placed some houses around the TCs, made as many tower as possible near my ally’s walls and trained lots of wheeled villagers. Why villagers, you may ask. I lured all those centurions with them, so they would ignore my ally trying to kill me >:)
Worked very well

In this mission, I saw Centurions touch a building and it fell almost instantly. In AOE2 only Trebuchets manage to level buildings with one shot.

And I saw a group of those shirtless archers quickly leveling a city on Random Map.

Whatever damage buildings take, it makes them too vulnerable to virtually anything.

I’m not sure how minimal damage is handled.

In AoE2 every unit does minimal damage of 1 which is also the damage Archers do to most buildings.
But in AoE1 all damage against buildings is divided by 5. Does that mean that Archers still do 1 damage even though buildings have 1/5 of the HP, that would practically mean archers do 5x the damage vs. buildings.

Iron Age melee units just usually have around 2x the damage as comparable AoE2 units so it makes sense that they can kill buildings 2x as fast.

Some buildings do have less HP then AoE2 ones though like hoses.

Also buildings have no armour unlike AoE2 buildings, that’s a also a major difference.

Bowman sometimes does 0 or 1 damage to house, so less than 1 damage can happen in RoR.

Bowman sometimes does 0 or 1 damage to house, so less than 1 damage can happen in RoR.

Confirming that this is intended. :slight_smile:

Any balanve change to this mission?

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I know I can defeat them that way, but I hate that, seemingly, the only way to actually win the mission is by exploiting the enemy AI…

I did it this way to get the achievement. Do I need to defend only one to get the mission complete? If only one is enough, I think you can do it in a fair way without much trouble

Wait, I’m watching gameplays of this mission on hard and teal has A LOT less units in other people’s games, I restarted the mission several times and I always get ALL of teal units go directly for the 3 TCs and I never get farther than 5 minutes on the timer, it’s so weird, like my game is bugged

In these videos (one and two) Teal’s units never really go further than the middle of the map, they don’t get into blue’s and purple’s bases, in my game they definitely do, their centurions raise everything to the ground in seconds

Pretty easy actually,

theres no point in defending your allies, train some Hoplites and dive on the stables.

Wall up the last allied TC at the same time. Hold the line for 8 Minutes with your Walls & Hoplites.

Time is of the essence.

I got 14/15 on hard
Pyrrhus #5 seems to be impossible tho

I finally JUST BARELY managed to win, a few more seconds and I would have been toast, it took a lot of trial and error, A LOT of walls and honestly, quite a bit of luck