Qizilbash should use the Ottoman voice lines instead of the AoE2 Turkish military dialogue

I find it weird that the Qizilbash is using Turkish dialogue from AoE2 because Turkish dialogue already exists in AoE3 but yet uses AoE2 Turkish dialogue and what is to be known is that both, the AoE2 Turks and AoE3 Ottomans are representing the Anatolian Turks. So, perhaps the dialogue of the Qizilbash should be changed. Besides, there’s already several units in AoE3 that took AoE2 dialogue (I.e., Desert Archer, Beber Camel Rider, Shotel Warrior) and notice that AoE2 no longer has more than one unit that takes dialogue from AoE3 (the only unit in AoE2 that still retains dialogue from AoE3 is the Incan military unit). So, if we can change the Qizilbash dialogue to something completely original, I would appreciate it. Perhaps the Qizilbash could possibly go for the Ottoman Cavalry Archer dialogue because both, the Qizilbash and Cavalry Archer are archers on horseback (though the newest Ottoman infantry unit, Azap does retain the Ottoman Cavalry Archer dialogue). Speaking of the Ottoman Cavalry Archer voice lines, that set of dialogue should also be given to the Ottoman Dragoon because of the fact that the Dragoon and Cavalry Archer are both, ranged mounted units (which may explain why the Russian Dragoon uses the same dialogue as the Russian Cavalry Archer and why the Dutch unique unit, Ruyter uses the same dialogue as the Dutch Dragoon).