[QOL] Improve the deck ui: Orders and Icons

Every time you create a new deck its added to the bottom of your deck list.

Being able to move your decks around to order them as you please on your list would be nice. Adding icons to the mix could be nice (for example, a musketeer icon for a musk rush deck, a boat for water decks or a III icon for FF decks) to improve the readibility even more.

I don’t know if these changes are even posible in the current engine (which is a polished version of the old one)


Also I’d like to be able to create deck folders so that I can have separate decks like ‘Treaty 20’, ‘Treaty 40’, ‘Sup 1v1’, ‘Sup Team’, ‘DM’, etc. In the original game, I used to create multiple homecities for each civ for different game modes. In DE it’s quite messy when you have so many decks.