QoL improvement for taunts

Nice that they finally added taunts (even if some of the voices are a bit rough).

I think they could really use a QoL improvement though to make them more useable.

Currently you type “/” and then the number. When you input the number it does give you a preview of what the taunt will say, which is nice.

However I think it would be much nicer if after typing the “/” you could scroll or arrow through the list of taunts.

There are so many and most of the actually useful ones are pretty pretty deep in the list and difficult to remember which is which.


Instead of devs, I’ll answer: WTF?!

I mean, seriosly?
there are 100500 little improvements which can be made: wheel of pings.
but no. you need scrolling list of 110+ taunts. Good luck to scroll/press key 110 times.

wtf. these ideas. It’s just wtf.

it’s QoL disimprovemnt.

Uh well right now you cannot scroll through them in any form, you have to type each one before you can see what it will say.

How exactly is being able to scroll through them worse than what we have now?

Yeah sure a wheel of pings would also be great, they could put, attack, defend, etc… on it, but you also will never be able to have all the taunts on it.

I don’t see this as any “disimprovement” but a nice addition.

I would prefer to not have to add the slash at all. Maybe it’s just me but “13” is way easier to type than “/13”

Yeah, I think the purpose of the slash is so that you can still type numbers without forcing it to be a taunt.

Probably a niche situation though.