QoL improvements suggestions for old time players

I really appreciate the balance patches that we have received over the past few months.
However, as a player for about 15 years, there are two simple things I really miss about the old original AO3.

  1. Player Rank names to go along with ELO: Being a captain or sergeant is way more fun than being elo 1400. We can keep the current system as well, but the old labels allow us to quickly identify level, especially in custom matches. The star-chevron system is very confusing currently.

  2. Being able to see who on your friends list is actually online: I don’t understand why this is not possible. I understand some people use Steam friends etc, but I have lots of friends within age that I am not Steam friends with, and I want to just be able to see who is playing Age right within the game itself. Original game handled this flawlessly. Please bring the green light system back.

Thanks devs!