[QoL] Spanish soldados don't upgrade their models

Game Version: 100.13.18214…0

Right now, the soldados Spain can train from the haciendas get a shadow upgrade at the industrial age but their model its still the one from the colonial age. Considering they already have one shadow upgrade active (they have higher stats than a veteran mexican soldier), its strange they don’t get upgraded models.

Fortress Age stats

Industrial Age stats

Colonial Age (Mexico)

Fortress Age (Mexico)

Industrial age (Mexico)


Confirmo, seria mucho mejor e incluso con mayor conconrdancia histórica el que tengan su respectivo uniforme

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Imperial age spanish one should be the same as colonial age mexican one, isnt it??

One of the issues of having post colonial countries :upside_down_face: . :sweat_smile:


No consulate unit has model upgrades.