QoL suggestion: idle villagers selection

Alongside villager selection and military selection, I think a super useful add would be selecting only idle villagers.

A typical scenario is when there are several idle villagers under the TC, near all the farmers. I always waste time to find the idle ones to move them away from the TC.


Yes. Sometimes after a raid in team games, a number of miscellaneous villagers may be idle. It would be beneficial to select them all so that I can send them to wood or gold or whatever.

We already have “Select all idle villagers” in hotkey panel. which select all idle villagers on the map ( and not screen )
i think its empty for default and you should assign your own hotkey for that. its very useful key.

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Yes, but in those scenarios one does not want to select all idles.

Double clicking villagers should only select villagers that have the same “job”, i.e. double clicking a lumberjack would select all lumberjacks on the screen, same for miners, farms, and idles.

I feel like this should probably be default behavior as I don’t think there’s actually a use-case for selecting all villagers on screen (regardless of job) with a double click, it’s likely accidental in 99% of circumstances unless you’re building a wonder or something.


I agree with that. The rectangle selection is still more convenient though, because if you try to double click in a crowd of villagers picking the idle one is hard as well.

hey, it happened (kinda)

Yeah its great! Much better than it used to be!


Now I want 100000 €

I am pretty sure you wasnt the first one with this suggestion (No, it wasnt me either) :wink:

Selecting forward builders regardless of whether they are currently building or not.