[QoL Suggestion] Siege reload time bar

I searched the forum, but could not find anywhere this thing being mention - we need reload time bar for the siege units, just as the monks do!
It is pretty self explanatory. Under the health bar there could be another one, showing how much time is left till the next available shot. So many units can benefit of this - cannon galleons, bombard towers, mangonels, balistas, etc.
Anything with a slow attack, where every shot counts deserves the timer.
To avoid spamming the same comment, lets just vote with a simple yes or no, unless you have constructive criticism.

Timer bar for siege units
  • Yes
  • No

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I wouldn’t mind (optional) reload bars for every projectile firing unit. It would make hit-and-run a lot easier to manage, and it would overall be a cool QoL feature in my opinion

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Fire rate and monk faith aren’t the same thing. The new monk and treb bars merely spare you one click to check the faith/unpacking progress, while a bar for reload rates would allow you to see an information that isn’t supposed to be as obvious.


Hi, @CactusSteak2171!
Well, this notion was more or less expected, because it is a political question.
Just as with Age of Mandala mod, which allows you to see the range of defensive buildings, the proposed timer bar begets the question: “Where does an improvement in gameplay becomes a cheat code?”
We can argue that the implementation of every QoL feature is a helping tool, which makes the game less competitive or interesting. And this is why I make a poll: everyone has their arguments and none is right or false! It is simply a personal preference. But my opinion is that, if it dramatically helps the player, who uses it to take the advantage, then either we all have it or none do.


Actually it’s a bloat.

There’s already enough bars onscreen with just HP to make it tough to see the important information at the moment when it matters most, and adding more bars for more things will just make things more cluttered and harder to see.

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We can’t even see our enemy units health bar to make micro harder. I think “No” is high because it helps microing a lot. This question is in one of completely arguable without any true answer questions.

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There should have been a third option for making it optional.

I’m worried it would make the screen too cluttered.

It might make magonel micro feel more pleasant though.

I would do it optional and only visible for the owns units…

I might repeat some comments but:

  • only for your units?
  • optional?
  • customizable? For example : disable on some units, change the color/position , visible only when selected, …
  • only in single player or also in multiplayer? If it’s only on single player, it’s a nice practice tool
  • also for some melee unit? For example ram hits pretty slow, so it makes sense too… pikeman too

For me it’s a no because it’s a part of skill. It would ruin the joy of micro for a lot of people. People who hates micro won’t take advantage of it. People who struggle to micro would get a huge help. But if it’s available only single player (or a least disable in ranked and an option in lobby) i would totally agree with this if it’s optional and customizable.

edit: good to learn units attack speed. and see the difference with/without some tech (stirrups for example).


I wish they added on option to make attack ground a single hit, so you don’t have to hit stop every time after an attack ground.

That’s my biggest gripe with Mangonels and BBC when they’re already a really fiddly units to control.

I don’t know about the reload bar, but in general I think QoL improvements would go a long way in making Mangonels/Onagers more attractive.

Best QoL update for Onagers so far is that you can hold ALT to move them without attacking trees.


To sum up my answer in a few points:

  1. Just as auto-scouting, some people might find it very useful, others would find it irritatingly inefficient, so again the community wants customizable options.
  2. I don’t see the argument for cluttered menu at all. You don’t micro with more than one or two mangonels. So, you are constantly looking at them at any time and distinguish them quite well. At least, that’s how I do it. Grouping them together with another unit is not working.
  3. The timebar, in any case, will only be visible for the owned units, not the enemy.
  4. If this implementation is so good, the pro players will adopt it -> noobs will copy them -> mangonels will become more used in RM games -> people who don’t use the timebar will get frustrated, losing so easily to siege -> everyone will start using the timebar.
    The vicious cycle of meta spreading :smiley: