QoL Suggestion (Smurfing Related)

While having steam connected to the accounts is a nice change, it brings a major downside of being able to change your name to whatever you’d like, whenever you want, and to be able to duplicate another player’s name exactly with essentially no way to tell them apart. This is becoming a big issue and people are going to stop playing because of it.

I believe there are very simple fixes for this, which should be implemented as soon as possible.

  1. Make the clan tag show as bold and in another color. This will make it impossible to duplicate clan tags within a name. Right now I can name myself on steam as [CLAN] Player and it shows exactly the same as Player who is in [CLAN]. With this simple change, you would see these are two distinct names:
    [CLAN] Player and [CLAN] Player

  2. Show how some number of previous names in the profile. This way you can also double check a new name against previous names and at least have some idea of who is who.


completely agree with this, hate the constant name changing and people copying others names


Why not just fix this properly and it is very easy to do i can imagine. Why not do a one time prompting of players where they are required to enter in a name that is not allowed to be changed. This name will be linked to there account the same way as your decks, profiles, challenge progress etc…

Maybe allow a player to change it when they reach certain milestones (I.e. played certain amount of games, reach a certain home city level etc…)

Yeah, something needs to be done tbh. However, there is also the issue of people creating new Steam accounts and using family sharing to effectively create infinite accounts.


This in combination with ZERO skill indicator when loading into the game makes it very frustrating playing.

Not knowing who you are playing against is very annoying.


Well the issue is that showing elo in loading would lead to even more alt f4 thats why they are hesitant to do this

thats why they would have to do it right and if someone altf4 in the loading screen after seeing the player name/elo, they still lose elo.

but they would probably fuckup in the implementation and either allow people to alt f4 to dodge without losing points, or will make you lose elo from failed to connect games… so better not even try