[QoL Suggestions] faith reload bar / display of more in-depth unit stats

faith reload bar for selected monks (credits to u/PAdamsSitney):

When a monk has converted an enemy unit, a faith bar appears below his health bar, allowing the player to see at a glance how far his faith has been recharged. Once the faith is fully recharged, the bar disappears. This makes it easier to manage groups of monks because you no longer have to click through every single monk to check his faith. This feature can be turned on/off in the game settings.

I saw the idea on reddit. As of now, the post already got over 800 upvotes and almost entirely positive comments:

display of more in-depth unit stats:

There is a mod for Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds which displays the movment speed and the attack reload time of a unit. SW:GB also uses the Genie Engine so I thought that it shouldn’t be too hard to add this to AOE2 too. I think it would be great to get some more in-depth information of the currently selected unit. This feature could also be optional (e.g. “Extended units stats on/off”).

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What do you guys think about those QoL features?


The faith one is good, devs probably saw it.

I agree with the other 2 too and would also add the delay to attack on their sheet.

Making everything optional should be prioritized so everybody is happy.


I like them. Having many stats kinda hidden makes it difficult to know everything.


It also makes it a lot easier to compare units with each other.

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I would rather like if reload time was displayed instead of attack/second

Monk faith regain time idea is a big yes from me


Agree on both of these QoL suggestions. Would be great to see at a glance which monks can be used, as well as stats on less seen units are hard to remember in a match. Just makes it a world easier.

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I would also agree to these changes.
Additionally I would propose that if you click on a unit in the tech tree it opens a window that shows their extended stats, like bonus damage, frame time delay, creation time, etc. which would clutter the UI too much if all of it was shown.