QOLI mutliple features

There are always some of those small things that somewhat work but can definitlybe improved, here i list some that have been more or less bugging me for the past couple of months, and with improvement would make life so much better especially when playing this game with friends.


  • move on pause [<see topic>](https://forums.ageofempires.com/t/move-on-pause/203575)
  • unselect flair, at least i dont know how… if i want to falir and click button but then descide i dont want to you cant unselect it, you have to flair… at least i think so…
  • Check box market “auto trade” trade cartest automaticly search out the furtest friendly market place on their next trip. Maybe even add a button “stop trading” for when you trade route is under fire…


  • Switch the default for locked games, i need to manually hide them now. If you need to see locked games you should manually show them not other way around.
  • Even better make the game remember my previous setting.

Game creation:

  • Let invites stick around, my friends are slow, we dont understand why invites disapear, in for example RL they invites sticks around and you can even finish a game before excepting
  • Maybe even a group invite “invite clan members” “invite players from last game” (last one also good for bugged rehost in normal lobby games…
  • Easier adding friends to steam, should be able from inside the lobby or the statistics screen, heck maybe even ingame.
  • Set team: add AI, that someone is randomly put with the AI instead of RL players (for playing with friends.
  • Show a minimap of the choosen map, freqeuntly i join a public lobby with map i dont know and i have no idea what i am getting in to. I know that AoM has this.
  • in addition to this, in C&C generals, you can pick your spot on the map, that would be verry nice (i know its possible with colors but some people are picky)
  • I dont know how difficult it is, but can we get different levels of AI in a game ?


  • Please set a notification at first log in “your mods have been disabeled due to an update would you like to re-anable them”… with steam auto updating i dont always see that there have been update, big trees at block forest :"(
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No, this can be abused in ranked games.

Pretty sure they already go to the furthest market.

Yes but as stated in the topic it should be possible in unrankend lobby game with friends…
EDIT: even in competitive you should/could be allowed to look around, just “lock” the player the did the pause, your pause your problem, dont want to give enemy advantage… dont pause…

They go to the furthest market of yourself, but not the best market to trade with, and i dont want to auto that completly because i want to be able to override it
hence even the "furtest market/dock can sometimes be anoying…

If it was an option for lobby games, that would be fine. I would also like unlimited pauses as an option for lobby games, people might not want to be limited to only 10 pauses per player when playing with friends.

what do you mean by this? there are already difficulty levels and 3 different versions of the AI: CD, HD and DE

I’m going to assume he doesn’t mean that, and instead means being able to have a mix of AI levels in a single game. For example, you could have a human and an extreme AI, fighting a team of a moderate hard and hardest AIs. So mixing difficulty levels, rather than having a single level for all AIs present.

oh yeah, that makes sense. it’s possible to get something like that though with the different versions.

there is one tiny problem with this: wolves and other predators have different aggro radii depending on the difficulty level

Yes, I know. Presumably you would need an overall default difficulty, and then each AI can individually be changed from that if the host wants to.

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