Quality of life changes for AOE4

This might be a small thing, but I noticed in AOE3-DE that there was only full screen or windowed options for the window setting. For AOE4 it would be nice to have a windowed-borderless option since it makes alt-tabs a little smoother. Just a quality of life thing, but it would be cool if it was available. I’m curious if anyone has any other quality of life changes that they would like in the next game.


Checked on AOE2-DE and there is also no windowed-borderless.
Would also suggest:

  1. Simplification of the hotkeys menu by showing the bind in the keyboard overlay (Idea removed from Nili´s How to set up your Hotkeys in AoE2?!) and a small video preview of some binds similar to TWW spell preview but with aoe2 commands (for example difference between move, atack move and patrol)

  2. Automatically pause for player disconnects since it can easily ruin the game for all players.


Would love the windowed borderless mode, definitely a nice to have QoL function if they implement it - don’t see why they wouldn’t.

Also the hotkey scenario has been improved from previous AoE games (at least from using villagers to build etc) we can see that here:

As we can see building hotkeys have been divided into their respective ages:

Q - Darkage
W - Fuedal Age
E - Castle Age
R - Imperial Age

I think this has made hotkeys much easier to navigate with the assumption that it follows the original grid layout of keys as in prior AoE games for selecting a building from that subgroup:

1st Row Q W E R
2nd Row A S D F
3rd Row Z X C V

So to build a House it would be Q Q
Build a barracks Q S
Build a Blacksmith W Q
Build a Stable W S

Its fairly intuitive and wouldn’t require a player to move their hands drastically from one side of the keyboard to another, generally keeps a players left hand over the left hand side of the keyboard unlike the example of Nili’s keyboard layout where it almost spans from side to the other.

Hopefully the hotkeys can be remapped with this new division of hotkey subgroups, before it was just civilian or military buildings.

As for other quality of life items I would like to see would probably be resources per minute, that way you can kind of gauge how long you need to wait before you have enough resources to build something. Also would be a good indicator as to how efficient your villagers are, an example would be you have 5 villagers cutting wood with a logging camp on the treeline giving X wood per minute, you notice this is dropping over time as the villagers chop more wood the time to walk to the next tree increases therefore reducing the resources per minute and you could quickly check and see if you need to build another log camp closer to the new treeline to improve efficiency - not sure if this would apply to other resources really as it would seem that stone/ gold is a single node as opposed to multiple BUT it would be a clear way of indicating once economic upgrades are in place how much of an impact that has on gathering resources especially for new players.


I just want reconnect option in case the game crashes and implement a built in capture age not as another 3rd party software.

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