Quality of Life changes suggestion list

Hopefully, this would reach developers

These are few small things, which would make the AoE4 better

Religious units (Monks,Imams etc)

1/ In AoE1 & AoE2, when You righ-click to enemy unit or building and monk can not perform action (conversion) , the monk will not move and remains standing in place - this highly increases the survivality of monks in AoE1&2

in AoE4, in same case, the monks keep moving towards enemy and die - please change it to AoE1&2 system

2/ Abbasid Imam with unique tech (from the Culture Wing of the House of Wisdom) can convert units without relics - like monks in AoE1&2, but it requires to press ability icon with mouse or W button on keybord and than click on the enemy unit, this micromanagment makes this ability useless in the practice - please change it to right click like in AoE1&2

EDIT: please notice, that the czech verion contains chinese letters, and wrongly shows the HP

3/ Japanise Buddhist Monk’s ability to debuff enemy units needs to be “autocast”


1/ in other AoE DE games, there is civilisation logo next to player (name) to distinguish, who is who

please add civilisation flags to the UI

aoe1 players

2/ Mastery Progress while in the game

3/ add vissible “detectors line” for japanise shinobi, like in in new campaihn mission with spies

4/ make a remaining gold visible in Malian pit mine

In this situation, my ally builded the Pit Mine on the gold wein, which I mining - I would like to see, how many gold left


Cool list, but im pretty sure the budhist monk is auto cast.
I saw it cast by itself in my games

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Great suggestions! Hopefully this will be implemented soon


What is happening in this screenshot though? Why is the HP 0? Why is there garbled text? Is the game’s support of Czech text bugged?

I wanted to show the Abbasid Imam and active button required for converion, the purple one with “W”

I will replace the picture.

Honestly, I have not realized, but You made good points :smiley: I play AoE4 in the Czech language, and the text are bugged 1/ with chinese letters, and 2/ Imam’s HP does not show corectly - HP 0/130

Glad to see, that same people like my suggestions

If somebody has or think about own suggestions, please write it here to this topic.

+1 I support the proposal to have the flags of the civilizations next to the names of the players, greetings.

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From Warcraft 3

“auto cast” (automatic) repair option for villagers

After activate it, the villagers wlll automatically repair surrounded buildings, ships and siege weapons , similar like priest healing

  1. Crossplay with Xbox
  2. Auto queue Villagers
  3. Be able to reconnect
  4. Clan
  5. Cenario editor
  6. Fast forward and rewind replays
  7. Better UI for Xbox
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I’m surprised this didn’t make it in the QoL change suggestion list. You had a “UI” section and got my hopes up, but then didn’t mention the obvious:


:sparkles::point_up::sparkles: This. All of this :joy:

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Good points!
(20 char)

Tanegashima Gunsmith (Japanese landmark) automatically produces a “stockpile” of weapons which can be spent to instantly deploy a gunpowder unit, similar to tickets that are produced by the Kremlin or The Golden.

The Kremlin and The Golden Gate shows, how much “stockpile” are available.

The Tanegashima Gunsmith does not show it .

…and I would like to know, how many units of “stockpile” do I have available to train gunpowder units

  • 1 older request:

Add visible tracking for civilisation masteries in the game

I just noticed, that these civilisation flags were added actually :slight_smile:

Maybe the developers took notice from this topic, we do not know…

It is small thing, not a game changer, but these small things make the game better

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