Quality of life suggestions

  1. in single/multiplayer games, would make sense to be able to right click items on the production queue in the top left to cancel the item would save clicks to undo a misclick, especially after shift-queueing 5 militia instead of halbs. If you’re reasoning to not add this is that people might misclick to unqueue things, then perhaps add the warning/confirmation notification if you mean to cancel important upgrades like chemistry or paladin upgrade. same as if you’re about to accidentally delete a castle.

  2. in the statistics screen at the end of multiplayer games, should add a stat for villager idle time (would maybe fit on the timeline tab?). would be helpful to know if I was more or less efficient in a game. could use this stat on player profiles so I can see maybe my average idle time across all my games. that way people can track their improvement.



Edit: Sorry, ahem. I got too excited about this topic. A much needed implementation, indeed.

If i remember well, 0 A. D. had something like that - i think it was some score calculated on idle times and clicking speed, but i don’t know for sure. Also, AoE3 has a chart for idle villagers too, why not bring it here too?

The first suggestion is also useful when queuing too many units relative to the current maximal population, in order to remove them quickly and create faster more crucial units (e.g. trebs).

As far as I’m aware, this is still a thing. Have to spam click the UI with mouse to cancel the queued units (or delete the building) instead of having some hotkey to terminate all queued units in the building.