Que Cool down when leaving the match early i

Have anyone had the problem in team games where someone leaves the game early or DC in the dark age. now you are stuck in 2v3 or even 3v1 one at times and you leave the game because you don’t want to sit there playing that game. so you deiced to leave the game start a new one but then what wait you is que cool down and I sitting there why I am getting the cool down. I was not the first one to leave the game I don’t want to sit there playing a none game where you lose because out numbered.
Is these a bug or not because ranked match making awful right now because sure I am getting into a game faster then before but now I playing that don’t even matter or not fun because one persons left the game soo you have to sit there and play even if you like it. Is anyone lese having problem with rank que too?


Yeah same here. Horrible Bug. It should only punish the first one who leaves…

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I was playing a ranked team game last night. Pretty balanced players at around 1800 Elo. Early castle age on Nomad. One of the opponents was Spanish and loved his Conquistadors. I accidentally neglected the husbandry technology and lost my considerable knight counterforce to the Spanish. My fault.

That allowed them to focus on a teammate who then lost the castle foundation they were building (which I could no longer help defend). Out of frustration, the teammate deleted all of their villagers and TC and resigned.

Now we are 3v4. I attempt a last-ditch castle drop which promptly turns into a Daut castle due to the previously mentioned lack of knights to defend. The opposition does the laugh taunt (11).

It’s game over, but the taunt pissed me off, and I never resign until my teammates agree.

So two of us get absolutely pounded for a while. But this is nomad. Our third player has been untouched on the other side of the island and has built up a massive group of knights, which become cavalier, which become paladin. In the course of ten minutes, he has wrecked the opposition with raids. Shortly thereafter the score switches, and we win 3v4.

The point of this long story? Even at a moderately good Elo you can win with fewer players. That is not a reason to resign in the first 5 minutes.

  • Practice your build order
  • Try an aggressive strategy: drush, scrush, trush, or whatever
  • Play until it is clearly GG

It jsut happened to me, this guy resgined at the start of the game so my whole team resigned, and even when I was the last to resign I was still affected by the cool down…

Yes, you can win 3v4, in fact, maybe your opponent will have a house fire and suddenly you win, but using this anecdote to conclude that “playing with fewer players is not a reason to resign” is the dumbest thing ever. In 99% cases starting a game 3v4 is guaranteed to be an uninteresting stomp even if you are miraculously going to win it.

The thing you’re missing here is that people mostly play this game to have fun not solely to win games. Nowadays half the time in 4v4 you get a noob pocket with completely inflated Elo who just booms and does nothing, leaving the game essentially 3v4 for 1 hour until he comes with his army of 50 paladins, at first I tried to play on with these types of guys but now I just resign asap, sorry I’d rather play a normal TEAM game rather than wasting 30 minutes getting annihilated then spectating a noob trying to solo carry like a hero. I appreciate the irony of your story being exactly the situation I describe.

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I also appreciate that.

Hey guys,
thanks for the report, we are working on a solution already.
Have a nice day!