Que paso con la comunidad Hispana?

Why are there such negative comments towards spanish speaking people? in numbers Spanish speaking people are one of the biggest community in most games. You may say that aoe3 has more english speaker players who also happen to play ranked or competitively but in reality I know about 15 people who doesn’t care about multiplayer that speak Spanish as their native language and always buy anything related to AOE3. That is just in my country alone. [ Dominican Republic ]

In fact the one who told me about the 1st AOE3DE trailer is a Casual Dominican player who only logs in to play with the AI. And casuals shouldn’t be overlooked as they are majority in Most games now a day

This is completely untrue. I had to pay full price for most of the games that I play. There are some countries from south america where their price is lower indeed. But same goes for some in the eastern countries where they also pay much less than other countries would.

I do believe a Spanish content creator from AOE3 should have access with a beta key. I make content in english so I would not ask for it. But If it was making it in spanish I would try.


He just protests historical readability contradicted by political correctness or having replaced the undermining of American nations with ridiculous mechanics. I have never met someone else who defends this game so much and shows how underrated it is.


I said most games in south america are cheaper on steam, and you’re telling me that’s completely untrue? ok so let’s check for the latest dlc…

Argentina its 86.6% lower than average.
peru 43.9% lower.
brazil 42.28% lower.
mexico 40.61% lower.
columbia 22.61% lower.
chile 22.31% lower.

For comparison uk and australia are 10% more expensive than standard dollar price and euro is 17% more expensive than usa.

So in what world are latin american countries not paying a far cheaper price than average.

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Digital products are always profitable regardless of price. If the value is low, it is offset by the amount of sales.

In Argentina (my country), we must buy yes or yes with a credit card, then the taxes make you have to pay approximately what is paid in other countries, if the price would not be in that relationship, then it would be inaccessible to practically everyone.
In addition, I do not understand what it has to do with paying less than not having the right to have a stremear in our language

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I live in Peru and here I can pay debit card and still get the far cheaper price with no taxes, so that seems a special case for argentina probably due to the currency being so low or something not sure.

I said originally that the people streaming it are all english speakers because that is the largest audience, and most countries have english as a second language.
Then someone remarked that aoe3 twitter is posting in german, so I said it’s probably to do with the fact they pay more. It makes sense to get the most sales in countries that pay a premium and germany pay 17% more than in usa. 1 sale in germany is worth more than 2 sales in peru where I am for example.

Yes, they could give a key to a spanish streamer but is it a priority? No.

Following your logic we Spanish (IN SPAIN) are paying more than standard because remember… we have euros here, you know?

In the end ignoring us is nonsense. Doesn’t matter how you wanna see it. We have more native speakers than English does, part of us pay less and part of us pay MORE, and I have more followers and reach than any other AOE 3 content creator even in english.

Spanish speakers came here to request somth wich is obviously lacking. Representation on the testing/development process of the game and anything early access related, not only for them to enjoy the news on their native languaje, but to let me hand the AOE team their suggestions for the game.

A lot of people have been asking this through Twitter and even in Forums like this. Funny enough I didn’t even have to enourage them. They were triggered by this announcement, in which they were again surprised by not seeing my name “again” on the list:

The twit in German was felt by the Spanish community as if AOE was mocking us. Either on purpose or by accident this is starting to look outrageous. You are ignoring a public of around 480 million speakers, and giving attention to one of around 80 million? You are ignoring a creator of 274.000 followers, but giving access and promoting a guy who doesn’t even pass the 4000 followers?

You are totally biassed if you don’t see somth wrong here.


How to confuse everyone between :

“Mayorcete doesn’t have early access”
"they discriminate spanish community !’

you are starting to be incredibly toxic, and you are here and on your twitter account turning your community against the devs, please stop, you are making bad publicity for the game. You involve all the spanish speaker to pressure for you only to have advantage.

Obviously, everyone thinks you broke DNA, and that’s enough to understand. + the fact you seem really toxic won’t really help you, that’s very unprofessional. Even if it’s true or untrue, a game isn"t a democracy, they don’t owe you anything. You dont have any “right” to have early access, especially after giving orders like here.

For the tweet, man, it’s a simple tweet, no german player got any early access to make german videos or german stream. And lol, I wouldn’t say there’s more spanish than german in that game, I see german speakers everytime.

I am french, we are one of the biggest community and a lot of the best players are french in team or 1v1, we don’t have any special treatment and nobody is complaining.


The “confusion” is logical when Mayorcete is the main reference in Spanish (with Portuguese and Italian followers) of Aoe3. There is no French or German together in Aoe3 that has made the community grow as much as Mayorcete has done with the public in Spanish. So that comment from the players in your country is fine, but not relevant.

If criticizing what you don’t like about the developers and defending yourself against the damage you have received is a toxic attitude, then it is your problem, keep it “toxic”.

That “everyone thinks he broke the NDA” is flatly false, many have seen the video and have not drawn the same conclusions.

"For the tweet, man, it’s a simple tweet, no German player got any early access to make German videos or German stream. And lol, I wouldn’t say there’s more Spanish than German in that game, I see German speakers everytime. " In the end it will be that you have a Spanish mania, in the tweet there is a player in German who is playing early access and not everything is competitive in the playerbase.

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You are just talking rubbish.

“everyone thinks you broke DNA” (NDA****) ???

THAT IS FALSE. What is “everyone”? The english speakers who don’t understand anything of what I say on my videos? Because that’s what happened.

No I did not break de NDA. Some guy said I did without proof under the AOE 3 private testing Discord. The thing is that he didn’t even talk Spanish, so he couldn’t know what I was commenting on my videos. By that time I was just making speculation vídeos on AOE 3, just like I did before even having any sort of early access of AOE 3: DE. I talked about possible future swedes, inca but also koreans and italians. I didn’t show anything from the build I was given nor I did confirm anything, so that’s clearly not a leak.

Conclusion: What you say is utterly FALSE.

It is true I was left out, but without investigation or any sort of trial. In an unprofessional way I’ve never seen In the gaming industry. I must say I worked with more NDAs than anybody around here, including titles like TOTAL WAR or BATTLEFRONT. If this were to be the problem it is totally unfair.

Wanna think I am being toxic? Go ahead. But I’m just being objetive here, and showing you how I’ve been treated by the devs. Do you just wan’t me to let it be? Even after that I tried to keep positive and still tried to request things politely? I lost the count of how many time I put the other cheek.

I’ve been the earliest and most devoted AOE content creator in the world, making content on AOE 1, AOE 2, AOE 3, AOM, AOEO and Galactic Battlegrounds since more than a decade ago. And you are ok with them treating me like this? Playing with me? Having me in for an early access and then casting me aside without explanation nor any proof of me doing anything wrong?

Answering me only when they need my reach, but ignoring my request of a single early access code? (which is more promo for them after all)

I had to pressure the devs and metion them several times only to get corrections on the Spanish translations for AOE 2 and AOE 1, and even spanish dub for AOE 2. I’m sorry if I look like a problem to you or to them, but the truth is that I didn’t start this “cycle”. It is them who have been treating me poorly from the beginning. They are making it very difficult for me to help THEM and the Spanish community.

And here I am. Maybe looking “reactive” as I try to defend what is fair, both my interests and the interests of all the Spanish player. Talking to a french guy who doesn’t really care about the Spanish community. Yes. Like it or not most of the Spanish player base knows me and follows my content. Even some portuguese, brazilian and italian players because they don’t have their own (or at least big) content creator but do understand Spanish.


Australians are english speakers too. If they can write in german they should do it in spanish too, its the second most spoken language after the chinese in natives speakers. They should do it with every language that is an option ingame too.
Talking about different prices as argument its a bit class (there are speakers in USA too), I dont think that Microsoft is losing money with each game sold in that countries. Nowdays RTS games need more players as possible and they need to put effort to get it as soon as possible. Finally translate some websites or tweets etc etc is not a great cost for a company like Microsoft.


Not only does Microsoft ignore Spanish content creators, the Spanish translations in their games are horrible. The worst translation mistake in my opinion, is that they translated the “Battle of the Catalaunian Fields” in AoE2 as “Batalla de los Campos de Cataluña”, which means Fields of Catalonia. The battle took place in modern France, and Attila never went to Spain, and the correct name is “Campos Cataláunicos”, yet they didn’t even bother getting this right. Literally go to Wikipedia to check the correct name. It’s not the only thing they got wrong, but it’s the one error that makes me cringe the most.
They either hire low quality amateur translators that don’t care about the project they’re working on, or they are using Google Translate. Absolutely shameful, at least the voice acting is (mostly) good.


All I see is an insecure content creator and his followers drawing disturbing parallels to shore up his fragile ego to make up for the fact that he wasn’t granted early access to the African dlc. You not being granted access doesn’t mean that the Spanish community is being disregarded in any way whatsoever.
Whether you broke the nda or not is a whole different matter altogether. You should have just reached out to them individually:
I was removed from the Age Insider Program for violating the NDA; can I appeal this decision?
The AoE team responded to my post with a reminder of the NDA; am I in trouble?
Why does the Age Insider Team take the NDA & Guidelines so seriously?

Yeah and all of it can be viewed only by subscribers while they do it for free? Not everyone would want to pay to view mate.
Also ESOC and the other content creators are immensely responsible for aoe3 even getting a DE (balance patches, tourneys/casting, maps, etc)

To end my rant, Aoe3 has players from all across the globe. You don’t see them complaining and clamoring about wanting it in the 100 different languages or drawing insane conclusions if that didn’t happen. Stop trying to drive a wedge between the already small community and getting offended over nothing.


Por favor chicos, estoy así literalmente, no discutan por estos motivos, no permitan que se pierda el hilo de este topic.
Nosotros en la comunidad hispana solamente queremos un stremear o un creador de contenido, no importa quien sea, pero necesitamos recibir un poco mas de atención, tenemos tantos derechos como cualquier otra comunidad, sea alemana, francesa, china, etc


This has nothing to do with my ego. That your personal assumption. This has to do with delivering the content my followers think they need. They have been pushed into watch streams in other languajes and they don’t want to. The Spanish fanbase actually has some bilingual speakers, but they preffer to comment all this in their mothertongue. Furthermore, as I explained, it is not only this “early access” thing. There are translation errors or suggestions for which I need direct comunication with the devs. I cannot just go and bother Earnest Yuen by MD with anything that needs a change. I’m sure other people inside AOE can take care of these stuff.

PD: Thanks for those links BTW. I tried diferent mails or platforms. I might try to reach them over there as well.


Nothing wrong with making constructive criticism. I myself was against the community plaza because it looked like a lazy change from the fire pit and not particularly creative.

Mayorcete goes further several times than just that, here is an example: INDIGNADO con AGE of EMPIRES 3: Definitive Edition - ASÍ van a DESTROZAR a los NATIVOS - YouTube at 15:24min when he is saying ‘‘but no, the f-king bitter natives had to come and b-tch about it’’; 16:56 ‘‘and now thanks to their wonderful idea, all we talk about is how they are trying to stick it through our -sses, that native American’s victimization’’; 19:37 calls Crazy Horse a ‘‘f-king arrow thrower commanding only 3 thousand men, nothing else’’, while pretending to care about natives, calling the aoe3 consultant a traitor to his people and so on. Lastly here he is insulting other players from the community and calling for people to report him to Microsoft because he got memed with petards. https://www.reddit.com/r/aoe3/comments/n3hoq5/nuking_aoe3_streamers/gwtujh6/?context=3

In conclusion, Mayorcete is an incredibly petty and toxic member from this community, shouldn’t represent the Hispanic aoe3 community and does not deserve any favors or special treatment from the developers. I rest my case.

@RevanShan you say you speak against victimization and yet do it yourself constantly as a desperate play to appeal to developers, claiming to speak on behalf of all of the Hispanic community.


Mayorcete is an egotist who believes he represents Hispanics but only brings shame to us, he is not even a good player, there are many better than him, more honest.

He has delusions of being the largest channel in AOE and it is simply a lie, his YouTube channels were stagnant and he does everything possible to victimize himself and believes that the world owes him something.

It should be oblivion, not receiving any favors from Microsoft and everyone should know what kind of scum he is, insulting his subscribers, fellow YouTubers, Microsoft etc …


Your post explains exactly why he didn’t get early access, case closed.

It’s not discrimination against the hispanic community, it’s just the only popular content creator with substantial reach in spanish broke a previous DNA and has some very toxic opinions about the game and devs.

In response to your previous reply mayorcete, yes spanish has more native speakers, and yes spain pays in euros, but spain is a tiny fraction of the native spanish speakers and the vast majority pay far less for dlc’s and games because its all central/south america.
English in comparison has over 1.1 billion speakers compared to 500 million spanish, so more than double the people speak english. Not that hard to see why the top streamers with early access are all english speakers (that don’t break DNA’s and make toxic comments).


Well if you wanted a toxic user there you have one :point_up_2: :joy:

Of course I have my haters lurking in the shadows and waiting for the best moment to throw some bulls*. But other creators like Aussie Drongo also have them and that doesn’t stop him from doing a good job promoting the game.


  • Me insulting my own subscribers? Completely delusional.
  • Stagnant. ¿At times? Sure. Because I don’t really cover mainstream content like Minecraft or COD or whatsoever, and my number of followers exceed by much the number of players of AOE 3 for example. I focus a lot in AOE 3, and AOE 3 is not as popular (by far) as AOE 2. AOE 2 creators have an easy job just gathering the already medium size niche they have, but try that with AOE 3 (GOOD LUCK).

About victimism:
We all use that card or nobody does. Where’s the consultant for aztecs and inca? Attention to hispanics after all in terms of languaje coverage? AOE 3 is truly biassed from a creative perspective, accepting “estereotypes” for europeans, and changing natives too much in what is suposed to be a remaster and not a remake. We could talk a lot about all this but that belongs to other issues. You cannot say I have “toxic opinions about the game and devs” when I’m just being purist about the game at worst.

If I’m really against somthing over all that is hypocrisy. Having consultants for northern natives but not southern or european ones, stopping native chiefs from converting animals but give bear armies to California. Reach german creators but ignore Spanish ones. I can be a little intense at times, but I’m always covered by contructive criticism, and if you don’t like that then you have a problem.

Back to the point. The Spanish community requests early access and better communication for their creators. I could name a few. For my part I can say that the majority of the Spanish speaking community would like to see me cover all the DLC content.

Have a good day.


Like spanish, Im only hope at Ibai streaming AoE3