Que sucede con el sistema de juego? What happens with the game system?

Good morning, afternoon or evening, my name is Mariano, and I resumed the game a few months ago, like many others I got to know this beautiful game in my childhood and I rediscovered its updates in my adulthood, which led me to play today, in Regarding the gameplay and the content, everything they have added seems incredible to me, but there is something that needs to be improved in such a way that it is friendly for those of us who are currently playing and for those new players who join, and which in the long run benefits everyone since it generates more life to the game, and I am referring to the poor system when looking for games, either normal or ranked, and it happens that when playing in company, and waiting in the lobby to enter to play the game, one of my colleagues crashes the game (for no reason, since he has a more than decent PC and does not have any type of malware or anything like that, he even has a good band wide), and it turns out that when I resume the search for a new game, the system responds that because it has disconnected it must wait 30 minutes, it seems quite outdated to current times considering that it is a normal game, nor It’s not even a ranked game and ELO was not lost, the most ironic of all is that even this penalty affects the rest of the players who did not suffer a crash, but rather left the game to be able to play together again, leaving us without the experience of playing for the ridiculous time of 30 minutes… Although the problem would also include why my partner crashes the game for no reason, which I find quite insignificant and late, is that waiting time that is not even there well justified, it would be good to review or if there are people who are dedicated to reviewing the interface and this system of penalties, get more up to date and take measures to fix it. Thank you so much. I have a photo about that.