Question about AI trigger in scenario editor

I’m currently working on a scenario and have a question about the AI in trigger section.
Is it possible to change the AI character during a match via triggers? In my scenario there are some smaller objectives to fulfill before the player gets villagers and can start with his economy. Two enemy AIs (3 and 4) start with a base and villagers, but they shouldn’t do anything until the player gets his villagers (from gaia).
There are currently a few AI “characters” available in the editor for the AI (Standard AI, Conquerors AI, HD AI, No character and It seems that the E3-p2 named AI is more or less like an immobile AI. I would like to know, if it is possible that, for example, player 3 and 4 start the game with this E3-p2 AI and after a certain condition has passed (player gets the gaia villagers), the two players change there AI character to the Standard AI, so that they start to play as usual from this point on.

Would be very nice, if someone has experience on this topic :slight_smile: