Question about catapults

Why are catapults called mangonels in this game?

Maybe because it sounds cooler? Maybe to set them apart from AoE1? Or maybe that’s just what the devs decided, and the actual reason is lost to time.

Sandy Petersen must have the answer.

The real question is why do mangonels upgrade into onagers, when historically onagers were replaced by mangonels during the Medieval Period (and mangonels were eventually replaced with trebuchets). Technically speaking, I think that onagers, mangonels, and trebuchets are all kinds of catapults.

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To compound the issue, mangonels were not torsion engines at all, though there is a myth that they were. They were actually traction engines, like trebuchets.

Isn’t Mangonel just a different word for Traction Trebuchet?

Also Trebuchets, Onagers and Mangonels are all Catapults.

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