Question about custom maps and a Idea to developers

One of the only thing I disliked about this game was the custom maps. Would the unlimited fish feature and the brilliant customization ability that maps AoC so entertaining online. I’m a huge fan of custom maps such as Europe & World map as played on steam. Would be nice to see a actual map of those done by professionals with the unlimited fish option like custom. Just a idea from someone playing the game since 1998. I know on voobly there is a huge market for those game types with those options. I know at one time on the MSN gaming zone we had a huge community and if you noticed on steam thats one of the map game types. Just a suggestion. Thanks in advance

One last thing. You guys really have a chance to bring a game changer. The voobly community is huge and if you make the right game it could bring the community back together. Good luck to you guys. I’m super excited