Question about DLC civs in custom scenario/campaigns

Hey! Let’s say I make an scenario. The player is a base civ, say, Huns. One of the AI’s is Burgundians. Could a player that doesn’t own Lords of the West play the scenario? What if it’s inside a campaign?

This is a great question.

I don’t think it’s a problem, since for example V&V has Romans, Burgundians and Poles, and I haven’t heard anyone mention not being able to play it, although I don’t know how many people bought V&V, but still don’t have those other DLCs. I suspect the restriction is just on playing as a civ from a DLC you don’t own, although this would need testing to confirm.


That isn’t even a restriction. Prithviraj is played as the Gurjaras, even if you don’t own DoI, so it’s basically a demo for the civ.


Yes, you can play the dlc with the base civs, buying the dlcs only allows you to play with the civs and campaigns of those dlcs… I don’t have Return of Rome and yet I played Gaiseric as calmly as possible against the Romans because I play with the Goths, if I want to play the custom campaigns of the Romans or the AoE 1 campaigns, it asks me to buy the Return of Rome dlc…

I thought so. We also have Alaric and Attila campaigns which use the Romans. BUT, these may be hardcoded exceptions

if(DLC civ in scenario civs){
    if(scenario is official){
        don't play
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Of course, that is, it doesn’t affect anything, because the Romans are handled by the AI (the same in the coop campaigns)…if you don’t have the dlcs you can’t play with the civs (except for Prithviraj with the Gurjaras because it’s already a campaign of the base game) but yes against them depending on the case, you will only be able to play with the civs and campaigns of the base game…

I think it’s possible to test this. There’s a way to temporarily disable DLCs on Steam (assuming you use Steam) – at least I assume it’s temporary, I’ve never done it personally. Go to the library entry for AoE2DE, and select “manage my n DLC” on the right (where n is the number of DLCs you have).

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I don’t know if this is it
but if I uncheck, I lose access to the LotW campaigns, but I can still play as Burgundians.

That’s what I had in mind, but not what I was expecting to happen.

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@CanineCrown7153 @TommoChocolate


@Juggernaut8704 @TommoChocolate
Results: you CAN’T play an SCENARIO with an AI that uses a not owned DLC civ


if you pack the scenario in a campaign, you can

Good point, but there can be different rules for official vs. custom content - see the bit about hardcoding. I mentioned this because I recall some friends not being able to play some of my scenarios due to them not owning DLCs that had the featured civs (I wasn’t fully recollecting this at the time of my post, I just vaguely recalled there being some kind of restriction).

But thanks to @CanineCrown7153 for finding that this is solved by packing the scenario in a campaign. Not what I expected, but great to know.

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Owning a DLC just unlocks them as an option in the lobby. Nothing else.
The civilisations are always in the game since you can play against them in Multiplayer anyway.
So they are also always in the campaigns.

Nothing here is as I expected: uninstalling a DLC doesn’t remove access to its civs, to remove a DLC temporarily you have to select “I want to permanently remove this product from my account”, and there are different rules for scenarios and campaigns! Who would have expected that?!

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Of course, the dlc only gives you access to play the campaigns and civs of the dlcs, but you can play against people who have the dlc… in AoE 3 you can play the battles and historical maps of the dlcs if someone in the lobby has it…

Yes, the same thing if you bought it, why would you do that?..just don’t play it and that’s it…if it’s a whole game and you played it for less than 2 hours, you can return it through Steam…

Also unlocks them in Skirmish mode and “Scenarios.” You can’t play a scenario that uses a civ you don’t own (unless it’s a “campaign,” as has been said), and you can’t create a scenario playing as or against civs from a DLC you don’t own.

I was thinking about single player lobbies too.
I guess I forgot custom campaigns, I assume you are not allowed to play them if you don’t have the civ or are you?

You can play custom campaigns, including single scenarios if they’re packaged in a “campaign” as per the earlier discussion, but you can’t play custom scenarios that aren’t packaged as “campaigns.”

Oh ok, interesting.
Good to know, so I don’t have to worry about publishing campaigns with DLC civs.

Yes, it’s easy… you, as a player, can’t play with a civ from a dlc that you didn’t buy (for example, I don’t have RoR, so I can’t play with Romans in skirmish or multiplayer, except against players who do have the dlc )…the AI or a player who bought it yes (so we can play Alaric, Attila and the mod version of Gaiseric against the Romans, the only thing we can’t do is play the custom Majorian or Aegidius campaigns because there you play as player with the Romans)…