Question about F4 - cycle TC's, Landmarks, etc

First of all, it doesn’t. Cycle that is. It goes to your town center and then in the card there’s a little display for each of the other buildings.

For example I’m in age 4, have a TC and three landmarks. So it’s got a little ‘4’ and TINY little icons for each building. Well is there any way to do anything with that?

Is there some way to go to those landmarks from that little card?

This game is a year old? Amazing.

you request to be able to rotate on the reference points or request more control groups

The F4 hotkey is for SELECT all Landmarks/Wonders/Capitol Town Centers, not cycle.

There is a separate hotkey to cycle through Town Centers though (H by default).

You should chill out a little man. You keep making posts and coming in hot with the insults when most of the time your issue is you have just misunderstood or not found the right setting.

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And yet strangely enough you still can’t tell me how to cycle through landmarks. You know, those buildings you use to create units. I’m hoping there’s a way but perhaps not.

And the ‘focus on recent event’, which has been buggy forever, does flat out not work.

After f4 cant you press tab and cycles the land marks. If thats what you mean

Sometimes there f1 if there army units for your landmark