Question about Horse Archers

Hey there, I’m confused about one thing concerning the Rus unit, Horse Archer.

Their elite version has 14 attack. With all blacksmith techs, they go up to 17. Fire Arrows adds 20%, so 20.4 (rounded down to 20), right?

I’m not a Rus player, so I don’t know what’s going on, but they keep showing up with 23 damage instead. I considered if it might be their Monk buff putting them there, but there seemed to be no buff on them, and it would be a major coincidence if every time I check the stats on one of these archers, it’s always 23, and never 20.

Anybody know what’s going on there? Am I missing something?

Current horse archer has a bug that university incendiary arrows upgrade applies twice to horse archer, and horse archer attack speed is decripted as 2.0 but in reality it has 1.5 per/sec attack speed.