Question about possible feature: Weather and terrain influence

The engine seems to be very powerful (based on videos about content editor), and I was wondering if something like terrain and weather influence for the battles could be added as a game mechanic.

These could influence certain class of units differently:

  • e.g., after rain, or in a swampy terrain heavy class has disadvantage for a while - e.g. can move / attack slower
  • elevation bonus was explained by devs, that this could be nightmare to balance so I understand that’s not involved

Weather might also be just decorative / or influence the line of sight - where random weather events, that don’t last too long, might influence if you take a battle or not.
Something like “fog” might work as stealth forest, just with moving around / dissolving after a while.

It came up in an other forum thread, the idea where water might be extended to include different depths, and the depth might limit what kind of naval class unit might sail on it, starting from “none, because too shallow” (mainly decorative purpose / natural obstacle for land units), to “only fishing boats”, to deep water for the big ships.
I think such a mechanic might help to make naval aspect of the game viable and more realistic. (It’s strange to see the huge bombard ships on a small river where they cannot realistically rotate).

So the question is to the community / devs, if these are possible, what are opinions, etc. If I am the only one enthusiatic about these, then of course not interesting :slight_smile:


I would LOVE something like that. Rain, snow, time of day and all those things having an effect on your army, even morale, but this is sadly a game catered to the eSports/competitive audience and all these things are considered “clutter, noise, readability issues”, so they’ll probably never happen unless you rely on mods.

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I would love those things too. Unfortunately you are absolutely right regarding the high focus on competitive players and e-sport :frowning: That’s why the player base is so low.

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