Question about sharing accounts

Hello community,

I have a question regarding ranked matches. It is legal to share your account and let somebody else play for you? I think it is not but I would like to ask.

I found a player in a ranked match who admit that he was sharing his account. Initially he was playing very bad and he admitted that finally other friend played for him to win the match. I have captures for that, he admitted in the chat.

If it is not legal, how could I report this situation. It is very ankward that someone let another people play for him in his account.

Many thanks in advance!

I don’t actually know but why wouldn’t it be? I mean not only is it you that purchased the game you can even (legally) grant multiple steam accounts access to the game although only one has purchased it.

As far as I know ladder games aren’t subject to any specific regulation it’s just the more competetive game mode of a game that people buy and then do whatever they like with it. I mean just let people be, that thing is unlikely to become a structural problem and maybe the first and last time you faced that behavior on the ladder.

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I think it is an unfair attitude and it is not fun at all. I know that other competitive games have that kind of rule, that if you share your account you will be punished/banned from the game. I do not know if that applies here or not.

If not, it will be a very good improvement. I mean, it is not fun that you are playing a game and suddenly the player let another friend with much more elo to win the game for him. It is a disgusting behaviour.

Anyway, I have reported him through the game too for cheating, verbal abuse and for this behaviour. Hope he gets banned.

Yes, that is the most direct form of boosting. People offer that as a paid service, and if it’s identified that a player has allowed a booster to log in to their account in this way, I know in Rocket League, at least, it’s a permanent ban.

Searching just now, I can’t actually find any official rules relating to AoE. Can anyone point me towards them, if they exist?

I don’t think something like this deserves a permanent ban.

Here you go:

I have tried to scan these policies, but they are pretty boring to read :grimacing:

I’d say this can be argued to cover it then:

“Don’t engage in activity that is fraudulent, false or misleading (e.g., asking for money under false pretenses, impersonating someone else, manipulating the Services to increase play count, or affect rankings, ratings, or comments).”

Impersonating someone else and manipulating the service to affect ranking.

Don’t overract that much I mean its a pretty stupid and toxic attitude yes. But just resign and move on to the next.
Multiplayer online gamings has been like this forever. It happens with aoe2 de as well (I dare to say in a much less extend).

Just move on to the next. Also, you can always join a few discords and find friends to play with.
Concerning bans, aoe2 is very permissive, I highly doubt that they would ban anyone ever.

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