Question about the shortcuts just posted

Check this out:

[Age of Empires IV Shortcuts Revealed – Age of Empires]

Is this to build this building or to find it? Surely this CAN’T be all the shortcuts? Seriously, someone tell me this is NOT ALL THE SHORTCUTS.


It looks to me like the pause function is only available in single player. If this is true, it’s a huge mistake for many, many obvious reasons.


Go look at the shortcuts for 3. Then look at this. This cannot be all the shortcuts. If it is… this will tank quick once word gets out.


Direct link to the complete list: Complete List.

Did they ever comment on that? How can you fail to implement that :roll_eyes:?
"You don’t have a poop-bucket ?! Then you’re not playing battlefield !!! " … ups, wrong game.

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Lol, you need to use keyboard to rotate camera.

This game is going no where.


Haha yeah, it’s weird. Their comments seemed to imply that they see Pause as something you only need during a single-player game. Which seems to indicate to me that the devs have never played multiplayer RTS games before, because anyone who has would tell you you need that ability…

It seems that they indeed don’t understand that this is 100% necessary. If this is the case, I expect a massive outcry next week…

I mean if you can’t pause a multiplayer game, I expect to just rush the other guy in the first age every single game, just to avoid losing any games due to my dog barfing on the rug or whatever.

Very, very weird.

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I mean, who the hell wants to play a potentially one-hour-plus game without the ability to pause in case your mouse battery dies or whatever? Are the people who made this decision even gamers?


What’s the source of confirmation that the pause functionality will be missing? If it’s just the fact that there’s no hotkey for it, I still wouldn’t jump into conclusions just yet.
… but it doesn’t bode well.

This isn’t unheard of though. League of Legends, for example, doesn’t have it either, which is also baffling for a game with millions of players.

I asked about it during the stream today, but they ignored my question. However, the fact that the Pause function is explicitly categorized as a “Single-Player” function in the hot key list fills me with dread, despair, and concern. Also worry and ennui.


We shall see, right?

Yeah I guess. I suppose if enough of us complain about it like the zoom level, they might do something about it. Very strange.

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Lordy. Welp, I wasn’t planning on ever playing LOL.

Are LOL matches long? AOE matches can be very, very long. It’s one thing to lose a five-minute match or whatever due to a real life issue without the pause, but a one-hour game? Or even longer? Imagine how much hair you’d pull out of your head…

Damn, LOL games average half an hour. What a terrible design decision… Any success that game has had is in spite of that decision, not because of it.

They’re alright. Typically around 30 minutes or so. Very few games go over 50 minutes. But that is irrelevant. As you said, someone’s mouse battery might die. Someone might disconnect during the middle of the fight. Someone might need to take 15 seconds to open the door for someone.

Dota is the same genre as League of Legends, and it does have a pause functionality. Folks can unpause right away if they’re not courteous. However, if you disconnect, you buy yourself 60 seconds. Your teammates can pause for you as well if it’s a legitimate reason. So 60 seconds per pause gets you a total of 5 mins if it’s something serious. It’s actually the perfect solution for a multiplayer game. It doesn’t screw people over and ruin the game because someone’s internet momentarily disconnected or mouse battery died, but it also isn’t unreasonable and hold players hostage for too long.

Dota’s implementation of pausing is a no-brainer in my opinion.


HAHA , no goto keys, no select all?? At this point is just looking like they are lacking labor for programming basic things.


Yeah, I noticed the shortcuts page they posted today too. It’s not only the ‘Go To Building’ hotkeys that are missing (only the Town Center seems to have that), it’s a lot of them missing.
It absolutely baffles me how they have the audacity to brag about something like this by sticking this to the front page and also bragging about it on discord, when the hotkey customisation in AoE4 is laughable. It’s like saying “Hey, look at us, AoE4’s hotkey customisation is worse than any previous title in the franchise!”

I agree, programming custom hotkeys is very easy, they have no real excuse.


League of Legends, Dota, and other popular games out there make a lot of right decisions, but some really awful ones as well. It really is baffling how they can make amazing products, but fail in the most basic of things.

For example, League of Legends has a surrender vote mechanic, whereby players can vote if they want to surrender together after the 15 minute mark. This is great if you had an almost irrecoverably bad start to the game, and you just want to move onto the next game to not waste time. Amazing functionality. 10 years in, and Dota still hasn’t implemented this. Hence, toxic players hold others hostage and waste upwards of 30 mins of 4 other players in the game.


Yeah, StarCraft 2 does this right, too. In fact, I think most RTS games have done this right throughout the history of the genre.

Very, very strange if this turns out to be the way they release the game. I hope I’m wrong, but it looks bad right now.

typical Get used
I mean, what did u expect?
Promote for Moba players/other gamers for fast and easy start, but ppl who loves RTS will buy anyway cause it’s an AGE and RTS in long time.

That’s my main disappointment with this game. Very few customization shortcut keys.

Yes, they can implement it after launch, but I still think it could be better, especially as AoE 2, which has the “build all barracks” and others hotkey.