Question, how to deal with massed bombards

they had chaff in front of them so I couldn’t get close be it with elephants massed infantry or massed cav, they have 624 hp, so they are tankier than you can snipe without culverins, the only counter I can think of is culverins or other bombards. Any ideas?.

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Probably the best two civilizations to deal with this are the HRE with their unique anti siege cannons or the Rus with their extended range Springald with Strets spam. Other than those its more about putting pressure on your enemy before they can amass cannons to that degree.

Springalds! do you have the recorded game?

Since mass cannons dont have AOE damage

Train a lot of light cavalries and send it.
You must be the Mongols. Because they have high torch damage.

Or you can train cannoneers and they deal 100% damage to siege.

Probs altf4? Melee seems to be useless vs siege. It might be that if you let your opponent get to that point, its too far gone. Unless you have 5k wood/gold stocked up to make your own siege, its sorta impossible.

yeah springalds do 80 damage with 240 hp total, bombards have 624 hp and do 208 damage
they also have the same range I think

Edit: the 80 damage is including their bonus vs artillery.

The culverin, it isn’t unique to the HRE, The Abbissads and the French also have them.

Well then I guess you can apply that to the counter too

Sounds like you were Delhi sultanate - i played a long 2 hour game last night and was struggling to find appropriate answers to mass French Knights + cannon and culverins.

Elephants are obviously a no go, as they get taken out too fast with enemy siege focus firing them down. I found a combination of Hand cannoneer (occasional Xbow) + spear (with spear constantly producing and just dying instantly) with 5-10 springalds in the back to snipe enemy siege so my hand cannonneers wouldn’t die.
Occasionally when pop allowed it I’d flank with light cav/kngiht combos to snipe siege… all of these options ‘worked’ per se, but it was intensive micro and an uphill struggle, where only the shere amount of production and micro allowed me to win. Meanwhile French felt like they just engaged and let everything have it. They’d have another full army of knights to charge in the moment the battle free’d up their pop. We were effectively stalemated.

That being said, it did feel disproportionally difficult to deal with the simple Knight + Cannon composition whilst playing Delhi. I would of liked more options perhaps - a better answer to the enemies siege, or if the elephants were a tinture cheaper they might of been more viable on the front-line against knights… currently they don’t trade well with knights at all.

I feel like if they made bombards less tanky it would solve alot of problems with countering them honestly. But yeah I just couldn’t deal with the massed Mangudai French knights, and 20+bombards with the three compositions I tried before I just died as Delhi so gotta figure it out I guess.

springald get an upgrade increasing their range to 12,
but chinese bombard also get an unique increasing the range to 12.